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Over the past 6 years, the Federal government has uncovered licensing fraud in over 24 states as it relates to semi-truck drivers. The scheme is typically run through an individual or company who is licensed by the state to test aspiring drivers. These folks have been running a "payment for license" scam which is putting unskilled and dangerous drivers on the roads with you and I.

A federal Judge in chicago refered to these fraudulent driver as captains of "10 ton torpedoes". This quote came from a Federal judge in Chicago, Illinois, the same state that convivted it’s former governor on federal corruption charges that came out of investigations launched in the area of the sale of truck driving licenses.

The Federal investigation into the epidemic of unskilled truck drivers has revealed as many as 15,000 license which were obtained under "suspicious circumstances". "As a result, unskilled drivers could be operating commercial vehicles on the nations highways, creating significant risks for death, injury and property damage" according to the US Dept of Transportation.

A number of individuals and companies here in Michigan have already been convicted of fraudulently issuing truck driving licenses, so Michigan isn’t immune to the problem identified by the US Department of Transportation.

Be aware as you drive our roads of the driver’s around you, especially those behind the wheel of the "10 ton torpedoes" as, more often than not, you don’t get hurt by your driving, it’s the driver coming at you.

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