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In a bankruptcy case pending in Federal Court in western Pennsylvania, Countrywide Financial Corporation admitted that it had fabricated or as they say “recreated” documents as part of their case. This comes at a time when Countrywide is confronting escalating complaints from borrowers who allege that Countrywide forced them into risky loans.

The documents which were faked by Countrywide are three letters that they never sent to the homeowner which claims that the homeowner owed an additional $4,700.00 to Countrywide because of certain discrepancies in deductions made to their escrow account.

The bankruptcy judge, Judge Agresti, asked the attorney for Countrywide why it would go to the trouble of creating a letter that they in-fact had never sent, it’s lawyer responded “I do not know”.

What is even more disturbing is that the family who obtained a mortgage from Countrywide had filed for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy protection and made all of their payments so as to bring the mortgage current. Yet after they brought the mortgage current, Countrywide created the document and attempted to secure an additional $4,700.00 from them. If their attorney hadn’t been on top of the file, Countrywide might have gotten away with this scam. Fortunately for the family, their attorney caught Countrywide red-handed.

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