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Lower than a snake’s belly……

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Even for insurance companies, this is pretty low. Great American Insurance Company insured a building that caught fire. Three people died in that fire. Suit was filed against the building owner and its insurance company, Great American, has asked the court to dismiss them from the lawsuit claiming the fire didn’t kill the three people.

What does Great American claim the cause of their deaths to be???? Are you ready for this….

Great American has argued to the court that the fire didn’t cause the deaths. They argue that the deaths were caused by smoke inhalation, not the flame of the fire. And…… since smoke is a pollutant….. and……..pollution is specifically excluded under the Great American policy, the insurance company doesn’t believe they have to pay. Wow…….

If you are as appalled as I was by this attempt to avoid their responsibilities under the contract of insurance, you can let them know about it. I did by sending an email to this address.