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Dog Shot by Salem Police Officer

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A police officer in Salem was forced to shot a dog as it tried to attack him. A person had received a dog bite by from the dogs and police were called in to investigate. He was in his police cruiser when two barking dogs saw a girl enter the alley. He got out of his car and tried to direct the dogs in his direction.

“When he yelled, the larger and clearly more aggressive of the two dogs, turned towards him and began to charge at him. As the dog was advancing towards Officer Cooney, snarling and baring its teeth, Officer Cooney found himself backed into a situation where he could retreat no further, and he had no choice but to shoot the dog as it began to lunge at him.”

The dog was euthanized by a veternarian later in the day. The second dog has not been found and they are still searching for it. They are also looking for the owner of the dogs. The person that was bit by the dog only suffered minor injuries.