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Dog Bite Lawsuit Results In Verdict For Young Child

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The family of a young boy who was the victim of a dog attack in Mother’s Day 2005 recently received a $850,000 jury award, which included $500,000 in punitive damages due to the negligence of the dog owner. The 100-pound Rottweiler left permanent scarring on the child’s back and hips.

The jury deliberated for less than three hours before awarding Keeton Manguso and his mother $856,000, which included $500,000 in punitive damages, against dog owner Mariko Bereday — a record in a Hawaii dog-bite case, according to plaintiff’s attorneys.

The jury found not only that Bereday was negligent, but that her negligence was a legal cause of the boy’s injuries.

Bereday, who was present during the attack at Kahala Beach, continued to deny that her dog bit the boy and said afterward that photos of his injuries were computer-enhanced.

The dog owner had been warned five times in the past to keep her dog on a leash and under control – warnings she apparently ignored.