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Restore Integrity and Fairness to Michigan’s Supreme Court

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This is the campaign slogan of Judge Diane Hathaway who is running against incumbant Chief Justice Cliff Taylor for a seat on Michigan’s Supreme Court. She is a former prosecutor with more than 15 years of experience as a circuit court judge. She has sworn to restore fairness and integrity to our high court. The lack of integrity, as it relates to Justice Taylor, starts right with his campaign.

The centerpiece of Justice Taylor’s campaign is his claim that the Wall Street Journal has declared his court to be "the Finest in the Nation".

In fact, if you go to his campagin website, it’s the first line of the bio section of his web-site. The very first sentence advises the reader of his endorsement by the Wall Street Journel as the "Best Court in the Nation". It’s an accolade that he trumpets nearly every time he stumps for his re-election.

The problem with this statement is that the Wall Street Journal never said this……

In fact, the only time this comment appeared in the Wall Street Journal was when a former employee of Justice Taylor, who now works for the conservative think-tank "The Mackinaw Center", wrote a letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal declaring that, in his opinion, the Michigan Supreme "may be one of the finest in the nation". The Wall Street Journal didn’t endorse or embrace this court, it was a former employee who simply wrote a letter to the WSJ editor.

I could write a letter to the New York times claiming that Michigan’s Supreme Court was the worst in the nation. If they published it in their op-ed section, it would by fraud for the Hathaway Campaign to declare that the New York Times has declared Michigan’s high court to be the worst. But that is exactly what Justice Taylor has done here.

When it comes time to cast a vote, cast a vote that will restore fairness and integrity to Michigan’s Supreme Court and cast a vote for Judge Diane Hathaway.