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Free Center for Disease Control Tool Kit on Concussion for High School Coaches

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My oldest daughter plays tennis on the local high school tennis team. Although, her chances of getting concussed while trading baseline shots with an opponent is pretty low, there are other sports in high school where the chances of "getting your bell rung" are pretty high.

It is critical that the coaches who are supervising our children during these extracurricular activities have an understanding of concussions and what to do when a student/athlete suffers one.

I’ve already sent this link to area coaches, but I’m hoping that readers of this column take the time to forward this link to their area schools to make sure that our children’s coaches can identify the problem and take steps to make sure that our children enjoy a fun filled and safe athletic experience while in school.

If you have children that are playing sports, have them and the rest of the family watch this video because if the trainers and coaches don’t recognize the problem, maybe the family will.