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Tim Smith

Investigation into Boardman River Dam Failure Continues.

I've caught some big trout in that section of the Boardman River below Brown Bridge Dam. It was a beautiful place to wet a line knowing that you were fishing some of the same water that Len…

Tim Smith

Slip and Falls and the "Open and Obvious" Defense

Over the last few years Michigan courts have gone out of their way to throw plaintiffs out of court. Even Black Ice which by its very nature can’t be seen, was looked at as Open and Obvious which…

Tim Smith

What to do in case of a dog bite

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 4.7 million people per year are bit by a dog. In case you, a friend or family member are attacked, here are some steps you should take:

Tim Smith

Grand Rapids Sink Hole Causes Fingers to Point

Edward Michael of Grand Rapids was on his way home from church last Sunday when the pavement under his Geo Prizm literally opened up beneath his car and began to swallow it.
He jumped out of the…

Tim Smith

Dog Bite Lawsuit Results In Verdict For Young Child

The family of a young boy who was the victim of a dog attack in Mother’s Day 2005 recently received a $850,000 jury award, which included $500,000 in punitive damages due to the negligence of the dog owner. The 100-pound Rottweiler left permanent scarring on the child’s back and hips.The jury deliberated for less than three hours before awarding Keeton Manguso and his mother $856,000, which…

Shannon Weidemann

Police Officer Withdraws Slip and Fall Case

A Casselberry police officer that filed a slip and fall lawsuit has now withdrawn the suit. There was a large public outcry and pressure from within the police department for her to do so. The officer fell at a home while responding to a 911 call. Eichhorn was one of several officers sent to their home Jan. 9 after the boy’s mother called 911 to report that her 1-year-old son had wandered into…

Shannon Weidemann

Dog Shot by Salem Police Officer

A police officer in Salem was forced to shot a dog as it tried to attack him. A person had received a dog bite by from the dogs and police were called in to investigate. He was in his police cruiser when two barking dogs saw a girl enter the alley. He got out of his car and tried to direct the dogs in his direction. “When he yelled, the larger and clearly more aggressive of the two dogs,…