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Tim Smith

Conceptualizing Brain Injury as a Chronic Disease

“Man is not a rational animal, he is a rationalizing animal.”—Robert A. Heinlein
As a species we naturally try to find patterns out of chaos. From the Biblical story of…

Tim Smith

A Guide to Selecting Legal Representation for Brain Injury Cases

With any injury resulting from the negligence of another person or company, victims may seek restitution for the damage caused. In many cases injuries are relatively minor, pain and suffering is…

Tim Smith

Great New York Times Article Regarding the Power of the Brain to Heal Itself

The Science of Identity
For all that scientists have studied it, the brain remains the most complex and mysterious human organ — and, now, the focus of billions of dollars’ worth of…

Tim Smith

PDA 4 Memory Project Using Technology to Assist Brain Injury Survivrs

I recieved a nice email from Michelle Wild this week. Michelle is a professor at Coastline Community College in California. For the last 22 years she has been a professor at Coastline’s Acquired…

Tim Smith

Free Center for Disease Control Tool Kit on Concussion for High School Coaches

My oldest daughter plays tennis on the local high school tennis team. Although, her chances of getting concussed while trading baseline shots with an opponent is pretty low, there are other sports…

Tim Smith

Cognitive Rehabilitation Services for our Wounded Veterans.

I’m pleased to see that the invisible injuries suffered by our veterans as a result of concussive injuries sustained during their duty are starting to be recognized as a serious medical situation…

Tim Smith

Timothy Smith accepts position on the National Advisory Board to the Sara Jane Brain Project

Odd name, huh? The Sara Jane Brain Project. But what is odd in name is absolutely breathtaking in what the project is trying to accomplish as it works to create a model system for children suffering…

Tim Smith

Endocrine System Dysfunction Following Brain Injury

SeminarWeb has asked me to speak again on this emerging issue in the area of traumatic brain injury. I presented this issue to a national group of attorneys in early 2008 and have been asked to…